UltraMax Garcinia Reviews – Ultra Garcinia Review

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UltraMax Garcinia Reviews - Ultra Garcinia Review

UltraMax Garcinia: Lose the weight and feel great!

The trauma of being overweight

Overweight people are judged routinely and made to feel ashamed by the society. People do not hesitate to call fat people lazy and lacking in will power. They also find it acceptable to accost overweight people and give them unwanted advice on exercise and dieting, which is actually insulting as it assumes that the person with a weight problem is ignorant about various methods of weight reduction.

As many overweight people are painfully aware, these assumptions are wrong, as even regular exercise and dieting take a long time to show results, and any weight loss following this arduous regime comes back with a vengeance on even a little relaxation in the exhausting schedule. Also, life being what it is, an untoward unhappy emotional event can occur any time, and this can easily derail commitment to weight loss regimes. A weight rebound is particularly devastating as all the hard work appears wasted. There are simply no easy solutions to weight loss.

In addition to society’s condemnation, fat people criticise themselves and have a sense of guilt and a lack of self-worth, which can be more devastating than any insults by other people. A loss of self-esteem is a natural consequence in a society which idolises slim, toned and good-looking individuals, and looks down on overweight people. It is easy to be blame one’s own self and feel depressed and anxious when society makes it clear that fat is undesirable and fat people are lazy.

The trap of obesity

Eating is a source of pleasure for both fat and thin individuals, and provides emotional comfort in stressful situations. It is not a surprise that stress induced eating results in an increase in weight, which aggravates the feeling of depression and anxiety, leading to a vicious cycle with progressive increase in overeating and weight gain.

Being overweight results in an increase in the effort required to conduct routine activities, therefore, fat individuals tend to adopt sedentary, low activity lifestyles. This also leads to another vicious cycle with low physical activity leading to more weight gain, which results in further curbing of activities. Progressive weight gain leads to obesity and increases the risk of development of health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. As a consequence, the quality of life deteriorates significantly in obese people.

Obesity: Beyond simple assumptions

Weight gain can be a symptom of another serious problem and not signify a lack of resolve. The most common underlying reasons for gaining weight are:

∑ Emotional trauma: Chronic Stress increases the production of stress hormones, which is associated with weight gain.

∑ Depression: This illness results in a lack of interest in daily life with loss of motivation to exercise or change eating habits towards more healthy options.

∑ Insulin resistance: Carbohydrates cannot be converted to energy efficiently, leading to it being diverted toward fat formation.

∑   Hormonal imbalance, such as thyroid issues, increases the risk of gaining weight

∑ Nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin D, vitamin B, iron etc., may cause the brain to stimulate overeating to try and make up for the deficit.

∑ Certain medications, such as antibiotics and steroids, can result in weight gain. In fact, antibiotics and hormonal injections are widely given to animals by the meat industry for this purpose.

∑ Some people are more susceptible to develop sugar addiction, which may be related to a genetic mutation resulting in an altered hormone called ghrelin, which controls hunger.

As is clear, the causes of weight gain is more complex than overeating and laziness. It is time to stop stereotyping fat people as lazy gluttons or make the assumption that slim individuals have a stronger will power and are more dedicated.

Overweight people should be supported and not made to feel insulted and ashamed. There are many reasons for obesity, and it is important that a thorough physical and psychological check-up is done to determine the underlying cause. Medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, depression etc., are known to be associated with weight gain. Instead of making fun of fat people, an understanding of the real cause will result in extension of support to the already traumatised overweight individual. Rather than focusing on the fat, people should try to focus on the personality aspects, including intelligence and talents.

UltraMax Garcinia Reviews - Ultra Garcinia Review

Therapeutic weight- reduction strategies

As everyone knows, it is extremely difficult to remain committed to life- style changes and a weight loss strategy which demands strenuous exercise and/ or punishing diet regimen. It is also a demotivating factor that many individuals regain weight subsequently. An alternative strategy that allows for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes progressively is more likely to prove successful. Therefore, many overweight people seek therapeutic strategies such as synthetic drugs and surgery for long term weight reduction.

Surgical therapy can be considered but it is expensive and may result in serious complications. An effort to reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite was made by prescribing chemical stimulants such as amphetamine, caffeine and nicotine. These chemical agents stimulate the brain and increases alertness and makes the individual more energetic. They also suppress appetite. However, these supplements have significant side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, increased heart rate and changes in blood pressure. In addition, these chemical agents also lose their effectiveness over time.

It was soon realized that safer and more effective dietary supplements are needed, and natural supplements to aid weight reduction have gained favour.

Advantages of natural dietary supplements in weight reduction

∑ Reduce weight in a natural, healthy way with negligible side effects ∑ No need for major changes in lifestyle

∑ Decrease in the need for strenuous daily exercise and major changes in diet ∑ Easily available without the need of a prescription

∑   No artificial chemicals or additives

∑   Helps in maintaining weight over the long term

UltraMax Garcinia Reviews - Ultra Garcinia Review

Weight reduction by Garcinia cambogia: A ‘miracle’ fruit

Among the natural supplements, an extract from a native Asian fruit, Garcinia cambogia, has gained world- wide popularity as a safe and effective fat buster. Garcinia cambogia is a small pumpkin shaped fruit used for many centuries in traditional Asian cooking. In some Malaysian villages, it is used to make a soup which is taken before meals to suppress appetite. The main ingredient of Garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is extracted from the skin of the fruit. HCA blocks an enzyme, citrate lyase, which is responsible for the formation of fatty acids. It causes a decrease in craving for repeated snacking and satisfies one’s hunger earlier while eating meals. It also increases fat metabolism which results in increased energy levels due to burning of fat. Raised energy levels increase exercise endurance and delays exhaustion, enabling overweight people to increase their daily exercise limits. The commercial preparation of Garcinia cambogia extract, UltraMax Garcinia, is done by drying the peeled skin of the fruit and making it into a powder for use in capsules. The capsules contain hydroxycitric acid, calcium and potassium.

UltraMax Garcinia: Promotes weight loss without major disruption of lifestyle

The commercially available form of Garcinia cambogia is UltraMax Garcinia. It induces a reduction in weight by:

∑ Control of stress hormone: Cortisol is a hormone which is released in stressful situations. Many studies have identified that a high level of cortisol increases the risk of increase in weight. Ultramax Garcinia controls stress by promoting a feeling of wellness.

∑ Reduces appetite: UltraMax Garcinia is a natural appetite suppressor, thereby decreasing the amount of food consumed. In addition, it reduces the craving for snacking in between meals.

∑ Promotes satiety: It induces a feeling of fullness earlier during meals, thereby reducing the food intake and the corresponding excessive calories.

∑ Prevents new fat formation: UltraMax Garcinia restricts the formation of fat cells within your body. This action occurs because hydroxycitric acid (HCA) causes increased utilization of carbohydrates for production of energy and decreases conversion of sugars into fat. This is obviously of great value in achieving weight loss goals, especially when combined with its appetite suppressant properties.

∑ Busts fat by increasing metabolism: UltraMax Garcinia extract increases metabolism and utilizes fat for energy production. This results in a reduction of body fat, including stubborn belly fat.

∑ By blocking fat production, UltraMax Garcinia also leads to reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood, promoting overall health

∑ Decreases stress-induced eating: Stress- induced eating is a common phenomenon amongst all people, irrespective of their weight. Food provides comfort for many people during times of sadness and depression. As a consequence of increased calorie intake, the body fat percentage increases.

∑ Ultramax Garcinia supplement increases the availability of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone which elevates mood and decreases depression. A renewed interest in life and daily activities has a direct positive impact on weight reduction.

The natural fat reducing properties of UltraMax Garcinia , when combined with a modest diet and exercise regime, results in 2-3 times more fat -loss then can be achieved by diet and exercise alone. A major advantage is that it is a safe, wholly natural product with negligible side-effects.

UltraMax Garcinia Reviews - Ultra Garcinia Review



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