How to start a Blog at Blogger

How to start a Blog at Blogger


how to start a blog at blogger– A Blog publishing service by Google (Not actually created by Google but Google bought in 2003 by Pyra Labs) which allows the user to publish Blogs for free and most importantly It is very easy to access and doesn’t need any programming knowledge.

They have pre-designed themes and templates available in order to customise them based on your planned design, jut editing a few things and adding up yours, gets you create a new Blog.

It is hosted by Google itself with the subdomains of (However, Blogs can also be hosted in the registered custom domain).

So, In case you are going to start a Blog at Blogger, you will need to have little basic knowledge of how to create it, and This Blog post is to guide you with every detail required in order to know, how to start a Blog at Blogger.

Here is the step by step procedure:

  1. Go to Blogger.
  2. Tap on Sign In. It’s in the upper-right corner of the window. Enter your Google username and password to sign in.

In the event that you don’t have a Google Account, tap on Create Your Blog. This will take you to a screen where you can make a record to use with Blogger.

Select a profile sort. Tap on Create a Google+ profile to make a solitary record to use overall Google properties. On the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to utilize a pen name restrict your introduction on Google, tap on Create a constrained Blogger profile.

Take after the online prompts to wrap up your Google+ or constrained Blogger profile.

  1. Enter a Display Name and snap Continue to Blogger. The display name is the name that your perusers will know you by.
  2. Tap on Create New Blog, and create a title for your Blog.
  3. Sort a URL for your blog. On the off chance, that it’s inaccessible attempt different minor departure from the name you need to utilize, yet don’t utilize images like hyphens, underscores, colons.
  4. Bypass the captcha security by entering the correct captcha.
  5. Select one starter template you wish to proceed with and furthermore, Click on Create Blog.
  6. Tap on Theme. It’s close to the base of the menu on the left half of the page. This enables you to alter the look of your blog past the components contained in the starter layout.
  7. Now it’s time to modify the design, in case if you have a good HTML knowledge, click on ‘Edit HTML’ or you might want to click on guided choices in order to customise the design.
  8. Tap on Settings. From here, you can change different settings, for example, language, regardless of whether your blog will be incorporated into web index results, and whether you’re willing to get messages.
  9. Tap on Posts, remarks and sharing. In this menu, you can alter distributing, remarks, and if or how your blog is shared past the Blogger stage.
  10. Tap on Basic and after click ‘Add authors’ who would be provided access to your Blogger account to publish Blogs.

Now, once you have created a Blogger profile and a Blog, you might need to know about how to publish your first Blog out there. Here are the step by step procedures:

  • Tap on New post.

Make posts, post alters, and page alters under Posts in the menu on the left half of the screen.

  • Enter a post title. Sort it into the content box to one side of Post.
  • Compose your post. Tap on Compose to sort your post as you would in a run of the content tool like a text editor, which incorporates capacities like diverse textual styles and sizes, content shading, and the capacity to embed joins.

In the event that you want to work in HTML tap on HTML.

  • Tap on Post Settings. It’s in the upper-right corner of the window. From this menu, you can empower peruser/visitor remarks, select HTML settings, and post the time and date. Tap on Done when you’ve rolled out your improvements.
  • Tap on Save. Doing as such spares your work, up until now. Tap on Preview to perceive what your post will look like when it’s done. Tap on Publish to take it live for your group of onlookers.

Now, once you have successfully created your Blogger account and publishing Blog, you would think how to monetize your Blog. How to make money online at Blogger.This is the complex part.

But, the truth is there are a few people who made blogging as their fundamental calling and winning a decent total of cash.  So, we will share the basic idea of how to make money online at Blog.

There are many Indian Bloggers for making money online at Blog like Miss Malini(Miss, Harsha Agarwal(

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Adapting your blogspot blog should be possible by putting commercials either from outside or from promotion distributers. You will get paid likewise. There is numerous promotion distributors program. Google Adsense is an ideal approach to adapt your blogspot however to do this you ought to have an endorsed Adsense account. Getting your Adsense account affirmed utilizing your blogspot blog is to some degree simple when looking at endorsement through different sites. Your blog must be 6 months old to apply for an Adsense account. So you should make utilization of this 6 month time span to build up your blog to some degree and after that you can apply for Adsense.

You can login to your Adsense dashboard to check Adsense winning. You will get paid in your financial balance once you achieve the installment edge of $100 USD.

How to start a Blog at Blogger

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