How to lose weight and belly fat fast tips in India

How to lose weight and belly fat fast tips in India

Hey everyone, you know that many Indian people ask that

Question – How to lose weight fast 20 kg in  3 days fast? Is it true?

AnswerNo, it is not true. It is impossible and your mind is thinking haste to waste time because It is not working weight loss at the fastest time! But you depend your body is processing weight loss either so slow or so fast.

No worry!

Now, I can teach you how to properly to work step to step about how to lose weight and belly fat fast tips?

Step 1.

Walking at the ground between 3 Km to 5 Km on every day before morning or evening.

Step 2.

You should drink Green Coffee juiceCLICK HERE to visit website for review

Step 3.

You Never eat Junky or oily fat foods when your body is bigger weight.

Step 4.

You should drink Warm water with Honey when your stomach is empty at early morning and also before bed at night.

Step 5.

You always must eat all vegetables, fruits and non-veg with fatless eg. Fish and chicken better but not eat beef and mutton because they give you balance diet.


If you do not have free time and then Better you go to buy green coffee package for weight loss program for you can lose weight above 5 kg in per week

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If any doubt and ask me to comment here.

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