Learn How to Recondition Batteries Tutorial?

How to Recondition Batteries

How to Recondition Batteries

Batteries can be expensive to replace, and most people are unaware that there is a cheaper alternative to forking out once your battery runs flat. Depending on the make and model, a replacement can set you back hundreds of dollars. Luckily, repairing an old battery is a simple procedure and does not take a lot of time or effort. You can use this trick to repair anything from computers and phones, golf carts and even car batteries.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to recondition a batteries:

1. Prepare your battery: If your old battery has caps, pop them off to reveal the inside. If your battery is sealed, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws. Once you have opened the case up, carefully remove the acid by pouring it into a sealed container. Mix the acid with baking soda and dispose of this carefully.

2. Dissolve approximately one cup of epsom salt with three cups of distilled water and mix together in a jug. When you have mixed this together, pour the liquid into the battery cases and fill to the top.

3. Replace the caps or plugs and shake the battery around to mix the liquid around. Once you have left this to set for a few hours, you can replace the battery, as good as new.

Learning how to recondition an old battery could not be simpler and this method could save you thousands of dollars a year. Not only is this easy, but this is also a foolproof way of bringing life into your old batteries.

How to Recondition Batteries

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